• Chevron down What is the check-in process?
  • Unless otherwise stated, all trips depart from Beaumaris Pier. You will need to call at our booking kiosk at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to allow sufficient time to collect your boarding cards and pay any balance due; please bring your booking confirmation or payment receipt with you. We are unable to delay departure if you are late so please allow sufficient travelling time.

  • Chevron down What Should I Bring?
  • You are strongly advised to bring suitable clothing with you as it is often cooler out at sea. If you’re still feeling the chill, we have a limited number of blankets available onboard – ask your crew if you’d like to borrow one.

    We will do our best to get you as close as possible to the wildlife without disturbing nesting birds, but you may want to bring a pair of binoculars with you for that close-up view. And of course, don’t forget your camera!

  • Chevron down Are your boats accessible if I have a disability?
  • All vessels can pose accessibility issues at times so we have prepared a guide to help you judge the potential ease of access for yourself. We think safety comes first, so, unfortunately, coastguard regulations mean that some passengers with reduced mobility may be unable to travel on some vessels. We are currently working to upgrade the fleet so that all passengers can travel, irrespective of their levels of mobility; once this work is complete we will update our website accordingly. We will not deny boarding to anyone, irrespective of ability or level of mobility unless to do so would be unsafe. It is not always possible to take all mobility equipment on board, but arrangements for their safe storage can be made if you let us know in advance. We know that not all disabilities can be seen, so if you have any special requirements, please call us ahead of time so we can discuss how best to make your trip memorable, for all the right reasons. Just so that you’re aware, EU Regulation 1177/2010 does not apply to any of our trips.


  • Chevron down Do you allow dogs on board?
  • Well behaved dogs are more than welcome to join us on our cruises, as long as they’re on a lead. If you’d like to bring your dog along, let us know at the time of booking. We usually have water available for dogs at our booking kiosk, but please make your own arrangements whilst on the boat. Unfortunately, we only allow assistance dogs on our fishing trips, and then we encourage passengers to make alternative arrangements. Dogs often can’t tolerate the rocking motion of the vessel whilst drifting, and the hooks and sharp knives on board can pose a risk to your pet.

  • Chevron down What facilities are available on board?
  • Each boat has a basic toilet, but you are strongly advised to make use of the public toilets in town before boarding. You are more than welcome to bring drinks and snacks on board, please make use of the bins provided or take any rubbish off with you: it is against the law to dispose of any waste into the sea. Tea and coffee are available on most fishing trips of 3 hours or longer. There are no facilities to heat food on board the fishing boats so please bear that in mind when deciding what to bring for lunch.

  • Chevron down Do you supply lifejackets for passengers?
  • Lifejackets for all passengers are carried on board each boat, and are only issued in the event of an emergency; full instructions on their use can be found on notices on board. We strongly advise against wearing lifejackets aboard the fishing boats as the hooks and sharp knives we use can damage the lifejacket and render it ineffective.

  • Chevron down Do you sail in all weather?
  • All sailings are weather permitting. You are strongly advised to check whether your trip will sail as planned prior to joining us. Full details of how to check will be emailed to you at time of booking, and vary depending on what trip you’ve booked and what time it is due to sail. Sometimes the weather at home may be different to the weather in Beaumaris, and sometimes it can be different in Beaumaris to what it’s like out at sea, so please do call to confirm sailing, don’t just assume because it’s sunny where you are that we’ll be sailing! When the weather does limit sailing, we will attempt to contact everyone as soon as possible, so please make sure you give us the correct contact number when you book.

    We cannot be held responsible for any costs or inconvenience you may incur if you fail to confirm your trip with us or we are unable to contact you in the event of any last-minute cancellation or change. Please call us on 01248 810379 after 09:30 on the morning of your trip to confirm whether your trip will sail as planned.

  • Chevron down Do you take group bookings?
  • Yes. And we have special rates depending on the number and makeup of your group. We also have special rates for school and college groups, as well as youth groups such as Scouts and Guides. If you’d like to know more about group bookings, please call 01248 810907.

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